Ask and Let Go(d) Questions

  1. Is there a genetic cause?
  2. Is there a contract causing this?
  3. Is there a contract with a person causing this?
  4. Is forgiveness needed?
  5. Is release of anger needed?
  6. Is there a mental disorder?
  7. Is there a spiritual issue?
  8. Is a chakra out of alignment?
  9. Is a professional needed?
  10. Is a homeopathic remedy needed?
  11. Is there a stone that would help?
  12. Are there entities?
  13. Are there entities with foundations?
  14. Is there a foundation?
  15. Is there an emotion?
  16. Is there an organ to be aligned?
  17. Is there a gland to be aligned?
  18. Is there a system to be aligned?
  19. Is there a meridian to be aligned?
  20. Is there a combination to be aligned?
  21. Is there a combination with a foundation?
  22. Is there a past life effect on an organ?
  23. Is there a past life effect on a gland?
  24. Is there a past life effect on a system?
  25. Is there a past life effect on a combination?
  26. Is there healing of a DNA layer needed?
  27. Is there a correction of the Akash DNA needed?
  28. Is there a person causing this issue?
  29. Is there an event causing this issue?
  30. Is there a source causing this issue?
  31. Is the Master Healer needed to completely heal this issue?
  32. Are there pieces of soul to be retrieved?
  33. Is there balancing of body, mind, and spirit needed?
  34. Are there thought forms causing this issue?
  35. Are there past life effects causing this issue?
  36. Is there a seed causing this issue?
  37. Is there a grid causing this issue?
  38. Is there a grid on a body part causing this issue?
  39. Are there dimensions that need aligned?
  40. Are there fragments left in dimensions?
  41. Are there twisted dimensions?
  42. Are there intersecting dimensions?
  43. Are beings spread across dimensions?
  44. Are there body parts at a lower dimension?
  45. Is there a color needed on a body part?
  46. Is there a cross involved?
  47. Is there an entangled body part?
  48. Are there strictures?
  49. Is dimension movement involved?
  50. Is there a ray involved?



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