History of Questions

I started work on developing what would become Ask and Let Go(d) after realizing that one could do healing work using a pendulum.

  • January 2013: I started with thirty questions .
  • August 2014:  retrieving soul pieces and balancing body, mind, and spirit.
  • October 2014: thought forms and the effects of past lives.
  • May 2015: grid on the body
  • March 2016: grid on a body part
  • May 2016: dimensions need aligned, fragments left in dimensions, twisted dimensions, intersection dimensions, beings spread across dimensions and body parts at lower dimensions
  • November 2016: color needed on a body part, cross involved
  • April 2017: entangled body part, strictures, dimension movement, and ray
  • June 2017: realized that dimensions created confusion and changed dimensions to energetic hierarchies.
  • July 2017: added recursive holographic thought form, and sacred geometry object (which includes the Major arcana and the Qabalah sephirot spheres)
  • August 2017: Key of Enoch and damaged coding triplet(s).
  • October 2017: Codon RIng (Gene Keys), Alignment of body with grid (Kryon’s The New Human), Join Energetic Hierarchies, Alignment of Light Body (The Five Bodies from Keys of Enoch) and Essential Oils
  • November 2017 Added sound chords
  • December 2017 Add blocks to ascension, self repair needed, blocks to manifesting the totality of life purpose, blocks to miracles

Ask and Let Go(d) now has sixty-one questions.




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