12. Are there entities?

Statement for people: I ask God to remove the [number] people in [client] . Thank you, Spirit (while placing hand on heart).

Statement for other entities: I ask God to take the [number] [entity type] to the Other Side where the [number] [entity type] will be given the appropriate treatment and moved onto the proper realm. Thank you, Spirit (while placing hand on heart).


  • aliens attacking
  • aliens in
  • attachments on
  • demons attacking
  • demons in
  • ghosts in
  • illuminati attacking
  • illuminati in
  • nano beings in
  • negative entities around
  • negative entities in
  • people in
  • possessions in
  • spirits around
  • vampires attacking
  • vampires in

I’ve found many people with anxiety have people in their head that cause them to questions their decisions and many people with addiction issues to have possessions that cause the their addictions to perpetuate.