History of Questions

I started work on developing what would become Ask and Let Go(d) after realizing that one could do healing work using a pendulum.

  • January 2013: started with thirty questions.
  • August 2014:  added retrieving soul pieces and balancing body, mind, and spirit.
  • October 2014: added thought forms and the effects of past lives.
  • May 2015: added grid on the body.
  • March 2016: added grid on a body part.
  • May 2016: added energetic hierarchies need to be aligned, fragments left in energetic hierarchies, twisted energetic hierarchies, intersecting energetic hierarchies, beings spread across energetic hierarchies and body parts at lower energetic hierarchies.
  • November 2016: added color needed on a body part, and cross involved.
  • April 2017: added entangled body part, strictures, energetic hierarchy movement, and ray involved.
  • June 2017: changed dimensions to energetic hierarchies.
  • July 2017: added recursive holographic thought form, and sacred geometry object (which includes Qabalah sephirot spheres, and tarot major arcana).
  • August 2017: added Key of Enoch and damaged coding triplet(s).
  • October 2017: added codon rIng (Gene Keys), alignment of body with grid (Kryon’s The New Human), join energetic hierarchies, alignment of light body (The Five Bodies from Keys of Enoch) and essential oils.
  • November 2017: added sound chords.
  • December 2017: added blocks to ascension, self repair needed, blocks to life purpose, and blocks to miracles.
  • January 2018: added magnetic polarity issue and block to flow of energy.
  • February 2018: added infuse magnetic energy.
  • March 2018: added braiding of body part(s).
  • April 2018: added braiding of past lives and energetic enhancement.
  • May 2018: added braiding of I Ching patterns, braiding of mandalas in body part(s), and stem cells into body part(s).
  • July 2018: added braiding of future lives,
  • September 2018: added braiding of current lives.
  • October 2018: added tone after adding chord in November 2017.
  • January 2019: added codon, Solfeggio frequency, and Hebrew letter.
  • March 2019: added polarity adjustment of body part(s).
  • August 2019: added release of discordant energy and balance of yin and yang of body parts.
  • November 2019 added infusion of fractal patterns into body parts.
  • May 2020 added electron entanglement, transformation of body parts, and adjust pineal gland

Ask and Let Go(d) now has eighty-four questions.