Out of the Box

I am a Multidimensional Soul Healer who created this modality called “Ask and Let Go(d)”. I have not seen a medical doctor since 2002. I have met with numerous chiropractors over the years. I finally found relief with an Upper Cervical Chiropractor, Rick Foster, in Palm Desert. He unwound the damage in my body over a period of time.

I now seldom see him. I saw him in July 2018 after my three-year-old great nephew placed his arms around my neck and lifted his feet off the ground to hug me. The second time came in December 2018 after a minor car event where I was rear-ended after stopping to avoid hitting a car. The truck behind me was unable to stop and clipped my left light and pushed me into the car.

My chiropractor does a scan before doing the work and discovered that my neck was aligned without adjustment. “This is one of three times where an accident caused my clients to be correctly aligned.”

I have been a student of A Course in Miracles for many years. I have had many adventures in my life. I’ve written a book, Everyone is Everything: Getting Naked before the World to Prove It! where I interwove my past lives with my current life.

I worked in the corporate world for 24 ½ years as a systems analyst, working with databases. I retired at the age of 46 to write and do healing work.

My search for a healing modality took some time. I’d found relief from horrible allergies from NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Treatment). I experienced cranial sacral, acupuncture, and homeopathy with a osteopathic doctor.

I spent several years doing EMF Balancing Technique. I had been using a pendulum for many years and started down a different path after reading Raymon Grace’s The Future is Yours: Do Something About It! I then read Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code and worked his Body Code system.

I had spent my life living with the threat of breast cancer. My mother and her three sisters had gone down that road, eventually dying. I had, at some point, realized that I could make a different choice and canceled the contract.

My identical twin did not make that choice. She had both breasts removed and was in remission. She had sciatica and chose to have the first of two knee replacements – I would have resolved that issue differently. The knee replacement did not go well with an eventual diagnosis of bone cancer from metastasized breast cancer.

I love creating databases. I do numerology, astrology, human design, gene keys, cosmic clock, Mayan numerology, I Ching, Tarot, Oracle decks. I love reading books and creating databases to share the information.

I implemented the healing modality of Ask and Let Go(d) using FileMaker Pro with thirty questions in January 2013.

I have had many miracles. I had a deep cough for many years. I overheard a ministerial candidate remark to one of my past chiropractors, “How can she call herself a healer with that cough?” We all have our challenges. I have never smoked and eventually found that my lungs were entangled in an energetic hierarchy (more complicated than dimensions) from an emotion, fear of my truth being denied.

Through the years, I’ve had issues with my skin. I had severe eczema as a child that was cleared once I realized that my dad had molested me. After my hyper-nasal speech was corrected and his hearing remained an issue, he wanted to brand me in some way. My hidden cleft palate was identified after I graduated from high school but was not fixed until the following summer.

I continued to have sensitive skin. My legs would periodically get itchy. I would cover them with bandages and they would heal until I removed them. Then I would be compelled to scratch until they bled. The problem no longer exists after removing the entangled skin and nerve cells from my thoughts.

I’ve been using Nano CBD Oil for a while. Between my healing with Ask and Let Go(d) and the Nano CBD Oil, I have several chronic issues that are being resolved.

I am love and light and here to help. I reach deep and lend a helping hand which lifts me too.