Ask and Let Go(d) Questions

  1. Is there a genetic cause?
  2. Is there a contract?
  3. Is there a contract with a person?
  4. Is forgiveness needed?
  5. Is release of anger needed?
  6. Is there a mental disorder?
  7. Is there a spiritual issue?
  8. Is a chakra out of alignment?
  9. Is a professional needed?
  10. Is a homeopathic remedy needed?
  11. Is there a stone that would help?
  12. Are there entities?
  13. Are there entities with foundations?
  14. Is there a foundation?
  15. Is there an emotion?
  16. Is there an organ to be aligned?
  17. Is there a gland to be aligned?
  18. Is there a system to be aligned?
  19. Is there a meridian to be aligned?
  20. Is there a combination to be aligned?
  21. Is there a combination with a foundation?
  22. Is there a past life effect on an organ?
  23. Is there a past life effect on a gland?
  24. Is there a past life effect on a system?
  25. Is there a past life effect on a combination?
  26. Is there healing of a DNA layer needed?
  27. Is there a correction of the Akash DNA needed?
  28. Is there a person?
  29. Is there an event?
  30. Is there a source?
  31. Is the Master Healer needed?
  32. Are there soul pieces to be retrieved?
  33. Is there balancing needed of body, mind, and spirit?
  34. Are there thought forms?
  35. Are there past life effects?
  36. Is there a seed?
  37. Is there a grid?
  38. Is there a grid on a body part?
  39. Are there energetic hierarchies that need aligned?
  40. Are there fragments left in energetic hierarchies?
  41. Are there twisted energetic hierarchies?
  42. Are there intersecting energetic hierarchies?
  43. Are beings spread across energetic hierarchies?
  44. Are body parts at a lower energetic hierarchies?
  45. IsĀ  a color needed on a body part?
  46. Is a cross involved?
  47. Is a body part entangled?
  48. Are there strictures?
  49. Is energetic hierarchy movement involved?
  50. Is a ray involved?
  51. Is there a recursive holographic thought form involved?
  52. Is there a sacred geometry object needed?
  53. Is a Key of Enoch needed?
  54. Are there damaged coding triplet(s)?
  55. Is a codon ring enhancement needed?
  56. Is alignment of body with grid needed?
  57. Are the energetic hierarchies separated?
  58. Is alignment of light body needed?
  59. Is an essential oil needed?
  60. Is a sound needed?
  61. Are there blocks to ascension?
  62. Is self repair needed?
  63. Are there blocks to manifesting the totality of life purpose?
  64. Are there blocks to miracles?
  65. Is there a magnetic polarity issue?
  66. Is there a block to the flow of energy?
  67. Is magnetic energy needed?
  68. Is braiding of body part(s) needed?
  69. Is braiding of past lives needed?
  70. Is the next energetic enhancement needed?
  71. Is braiding of I Ching patterns needed?
  72. Is braiding of mandalas into body part(s) needed?
  73. Are stem cells in body part(s) needed?
  74. Is braiding of future lives needed?
  75. Is braiding of current lives needed?
  76. Is a tone needed?
  77. Is a codon, Solfeggio frequency, and Hebrew letter needed?
  78. Is polarity adjustment of body part(s) needed?
  79. Is release of discordant energy needed?
  80. Is balance of yin or yang of body part(s) needed?
  81. Is fractal pattern infusion of body part(s) needed?
  82. Is electron entanglement involved?
  83. Is transformation of body part(s) needed?
  84. Is adjustment of pineal gland needed?