Healing Modality

In April 1989, I had my first indication that I was to do healing and writing when a channeler at Healing Earth Resources, a local new age shop in Chicago, said, “You are to do healing and writing.”  I had no recollection of the interaction.  The title of the evening was “Playing in the Light.”

In February 1997, I attended a class on Therapeutic Touch.  I enjoyed the experience.  I found “fluffing” to be too esoteric for me.  We were paired by the instructor to practice.  I watched her select people around me and move to different area.  She finally paired me toward the end.  After the training ended, I asked “Why did you skip me?”  “Because of your power,” she said.  For a time, I found that answer disturbing and finally accepted her pronouncement.

In June 1997, I attended a class with Ohashi about Shiatsu.  I found the crawling around on the floor to be extremely hard on my knees.

In April 2000, I went to New Hampshire to learn about the EMF Balancing Technique from the technique’s founder, Peggy Phoenix Dubro.

I learned about the BioGenesis Tools at the EMF Balancing Annual Conference and went to a weekend of training in Mount Shasta.  I enjoyed working with the objects imbued with the energy of Atlantis.

In October 2006, I finally found the wonderful Xocai Healthy Chocolate. I attended a Chocolate convention and found a great connection with a woman who told me about The Emotion Code, a book by Bradley Nelson.  I found it helpful and even bought his The Body Code, a computer based series of questions.

I read Raymon Grace’s The Future is Yours!  Do Something about It! and realized that I could do healing with a pendulum.  I found the lack of details in his book to be challenging and started to create Ask and Let Go(d).

I have always been drawn to stones.  I’d been drawn to the shiva lingam many years ago after learning that they were a combination of water and earth, feminine and masculine.  I’d bought a number for our study group of A Course in Miracles.  I am drawn to using the shiva lingams as pendulums and have many around my apartment and car.  I carry several with me all the time.

I’d gone with a friend to the Tucson Gem show and found a store where they focused on spiritual stones.  I bought my first piece of moldavite.  I’d been warned that one had to gradually increase the time wearing it because it has a tendency to “drill a hole in your head.”  I didn’t notice any problem until one night when I had a pain at the back of my head.  I eventually realized that I had left moldavite earrings on. I removed them and the headache immediately went away.  I wear a piece all the time with no problem now.

I’ve been surprised to discover that I’ve been led to particular stones after someone asked me about them.  A friend asked me about dolphin stone, which I discovered was larimar.  I saw the piece at the store where I do readings and healing and couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I eventually bought the piece and found that it helped my chronic cough.